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meme courtesy reynardin

Here's how it Works:

- Leave a comment saying "What's up?!" [or some variation thereof...]
- I'll ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Clear as mud?

Answers to questions from reynardin  under the 

1. If you were under a spell that meant you had to live for 5 years in another time - characterized by 'Medieval', etc. - when would you choose?

The Romantic period. Though I'd prefer, rather than this “5 years”, all or nothing. Knowing what you're missing would be too hard. And five years wouldn't be long enough to adjust.

2. You've been watching tv lately, haven't you? I swear I've picked up on 3 or 4 references to -shows - what filmed entertainment have you enjoyed lately?

A curious observation! I still don't watch TV, really except DVDs, YouTube, and if my friend is on a quiz show. Have seen the Illusionist and Gainsbourg at the cinema, watched on DVD Les Chanson D'amour, lots of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and lots of Jeeves and Wooster, which I never really saw much of before, perhaps surprisingly? (Fry and Laurie are excellent, but the unfaithful scripts mean I have to stop watching certain episodes in despair.) Saw a couple of episodes of Mysterious Cities of Gold on YouTube and some old Milligan sketches. And Monty Python and related (At Last the 1948 Show, Do Not Adjust Your Set)!

3. What's your favourite Shakespeare play these days?

Still King Lear.

4. What musician would you love to meet - tomorrow?

This is the hardest one. I'm not much of a one for meeting my heroes, and can't think of what to say when I do. What I would really like is a talented, sympathetic and versatile musician who would agree to play on all my records.

5. What's the next deadline for SeaMouse submissions?

(omg omg we got the package omg, what a success!! Thank you SO MUCH for inventing this and getting this together!!!!! I can't WAIT for Issue 2!!

I'm relieved pleased you like it. Due to the disruption of the holiday season, the deadline is January 31st. The theme (optional) is tricks of memory.
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