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My life in 2011- part seven (rounding off)

Records which I enjoyed in 2011

Kimya Dawson: Thunder Thighs
Euros Childs: Ends
Chain and the Gang: Music's Not For Everyone
The Beach Boys: The Smile Sessions
Jeffrey Lewis: Turn in the Dream Songs 
Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel: Come On Board
The Middle Ones: It's The Rehearsal That Will Make This
David Thomas Broughton; Outbreeding
The Wednesday Club: So Claw/Sour Crow
The Vichy Government: Coventry
You're A Face: Cue A Year of You're A Face

Song of the year: Time Trades by Jeffrey Lewis
or An Argument With Myself- Jens Lekman

Listened to my collection on shuffle a lot, and lots of Brel, Gainsbourg, Juliette Greco, Beach Boys, Adam and Joe (Song Wars vols.1 and 2), Bowie,
Films new and old: Norwegian Wood, Les parapluies de Cherbourg, Le gamin au vélo, Enemies of the People, A Very long Engagement, City of Lost Children, A nos amours, Jules et Jim, Tirez sur le pianiste, The Red Shoes

Old TV on DVD: The Might Boosh, My So-Called Life, Northern Exposure

Radio 4 is such a part of my life (sometimes too much) its hard to think of any particular radio programmes that stood out.

Books (I think it was 2011 I read all these. Possibly some I read in 2010, and possibly I read others not mentioned in 2011 too)
Anathaem- Neal Stephenson*
The Left Hand of Darkness- Ursula Le Guin
Autobiography- Benvenuto Cellini
La gloire de mon père- Marcel Pagnol
Zazie dans le metro- Raymond Queneau
Astérix l'epopée burlesque de la France- Andreas Stoll
Pickwick Papers- Charles Dickens
A Fine Balance- Rohinton Mistry
Charles Dickens- G.K. Chesterton
The Reptile Room- Lemony Snicket
Young Men In Spats- P.G. Wodehouse
All the school novels and stories- P.G. Wodehouse
Much Obliged, Jeeves- P.G.Wodehouse
umpteen P. G. Wodehouse novel re-reads*: My god, I overdosed on him this year. I was trying to use him as some kind of prozac and while he used to cheer me up without fail, it no longer always works. Some sadness cannot even be alleviated by the master, and you can have too much of a good thing.
P.G. Wodehouse- Robert McCrum*
Loads of Sherlock Holmes*
Captain Foulenough And Others- Beachcomber
Complete Lyrics- Cole Porter
In The Trees- Pauline Fisk
Private Eye: The First Fifty Years -Adam McQueen
The Curse of the Wise Woman- Lord Dunsany
Truth and Beauty: The Story of Pulp- Mark Sturdy
Bartleby, the Scrivener- Herman Melville
Pudden'head Wilson- Mark Twain
Frederica - Georgette Heyer
Cousin Kate- Georgette Heyer
The Way of all Flesh- Samuel Butler
Erewhon/Erewhon Revisited- Samuel Butler
The Bricklayer's Arms- Gary Hatcher (alias Joseph Porter of Blyth Power)
Cartoons and Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster- James Knox
The High Window/The Lady In The Lake/The Little Sister- Raymond Chandler
The Comics Journal Library: Harvey Kurtzman
The Moonstone- Wilkie Collins*
The Woman In White- Wilkie Collins*
Mr Norris Changes Trains- Christopher Isherwood
Have His Carcase- Dorothy L Sayers
The Documents in the Case- Dorothy L Sayers and Robert Eustace
Short Cuts- Raymond Carver
Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010- Michael Kupperman 

Probably some Murakami re-reads

* denotes re-read
titles underlined are recommended. I enjoyed some of the others too, but would be cautious about recommending them to any old person. 
I think Persuasion (which I maybe read December 2010) and Pickwick Papers were my favourites out of the list.

What a shameful year it has been for me to be lazily re-reading and generally choosing the least challenging and most escapist books (comedy and detective) from my to-read shelf. Also any number of books started then abandoned (mostly not mentioned above.) 

lots of Jaime Hernandez, and Asterix re-reads (or reads for the first time in French)
Little Orphan Annie- Harold Gray
Kate Beaton
Dame Darcy
er.... Best of Victor comic

Theatre: (aside from Edinburgh)
Hugh Hughes 360, 
Kings of England “I Belong To This Band” (with that man Gareth Cutter again!)

Notable gigs:
Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel, Jeffrey Lewis in Sheffield, Jeffrey Lewis/The Seven Inches, Blyth Power/The Seven Inches, Madame Laycock and her Dabeno Pleasures, Best Friends Forever/The Middle Ones/The Parallelograms, Herman Dune, 7 Hertz, Rae Spoon, Yann Tiersen, Lovely Eggs/Parallelograms/Pifco, TOYS, D'Astro/Accordianna, Elcassette,  

The year in tweets

I like drinking hot water sometimes. I call it "emperor's new tea"

I'm really miserable, can't somebody do something about this? (7th Aug)

All the music i listen to tells me the same thing: we should pull out of vietnam at once.

I propose International Unfinished Project Day, where we all take one of our life's unfinished projects, and finish it.

The sheet music for "Domino Dancing" by the Pet Shop Boys indicates it should be played "chunky and ethereal"

My hammock fell down last night while I was in it. My housemate in the room below was reading a ghost story at the time. True. (21 Apr)

my new bag chirrups on my shoulder like a cage of exotic birds as I walk.

The Year in Facebook Statuses:

I get slightly unnerved when people I know to be dead such as Noel Coward and Dusty Springfield post things on facebook.

I am going to have to start throwing things round my room soon. I used to be able to draw with pen and ink without every two seconds a splodge of ink falling out of the pen and ruining what I just painstakingly drew for the fiftieth time. I know I used to bbe able to do it! Is it that ALL the nibs I am using are crap? Am I filling the nib with too much ink every time? Or have I just lost teh abily to control my hand? I have been using pen and ink for 18 years, I SHOULD KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION BY NOW. I am a failure at one of the the only things I have ever been able to do well and as a result my plans are in ruins. AAAAARGH.

Reasons facebook can be depressing: 1. Unrequited love. 2. Events I'm missing. 3. People breaking up. 4. Things that don't interest me. 6. People I haven't seen or talked to in too long, or neglected. 7. Reminders of other depressing things.

The Year in Other Stuff

Akin to all that re-reading, this year I just seemed to re-fall in love with people, who have already rejected me once. I hate to be a whinger but the lack of romantic love in my life kills me sometimes.

New Years' Resolutions

Be less solipsistic: take more of an interest in contemporary life. Be a better person and care about other people. try to be thoughtful and helpful whenever possible. Try to combine being positive, thick skinned and tough with compassion, tenderness and empathy. Plus, the usual creative goals (see previous years resolutions).

EDIT: I forgot quitting being a pedant, especially on questions of spelling or grammar that I'm not such an expert on as I claimed to be.

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