Thoughts on various subjects

10 June 1978
I have created many songs, comics, pictures and zines, but not enough. The world is fascination itself. I love friends with a ferocity. Life is an incredible novel. I am very impressionable and hugely admire people you might think have nothing in common with me. I hate lots of things about life, especially modern life, but i usually try to focus on things i like. The changing of the seasons create huge shifts of feeling in me. I am a passionate advocate of ART, though i dislike most of what passes for it both past and present. There are few greater pleasures than waking up to an unexpected letter from a friend, or a long dinner/supper with good food and good company, or being close to mountains and sea, or dancing crazy to an incredible unbridled wig-out in a small music venue, or being in the presence of a great painting, or reading a great book till the early hours of the morning.
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